Vatterott College                                   COA Diploma-2007                GPA

4621 Northwest 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73127                (405) 945-0088

I joined the Computer Office Assistant (COA) Program because I wasn't sure I could graduate if I went to a "traditional" college, due to my issues with math and science. I had always wanted to go to OU's Journalism program, but gave up that dream after finding out that the college scholarship I had been promised by DHS was never going to happen because my worker didn't fill out the paperwork. I quickly realized that Vatterott was not the place for me. I knew most of the work already. I finished my work before anyone else, and was easily bored. The majority of my classmates had almost no knowledge of computers (one didn't even know how to turn it on or off) and so instead of the "advanced" classes I had been anticipating, I found myself in a "Computers For Dummies" class. I stopped worrying about attendance as much, because I found that even if I only showed up two or three days a week, I was still ahead of everyone else in my work. I barely passed because of this, even though I had more knowledge than anyone else. Near the end of the first part of the course, our teacher decided to move to New York, leaving us with a "sub" until a new teacher could be found... The "sub" wasn't able to help us with much of our work, and I found myself pretty much teaching the class I was supposed to be learning in (without being paid or getting extra credit)! My mother-in-law was more knowledgeable than the "sub", so I suggested she apply, as she had just become unemployed. She got the job. Throughout the next part of the course, I found myself being more of an assistant than a student, because I was still so far ahead of everyone else. I resented the fact that I was expected to pay for the "education" that I didn't really get, and soon found that it didn't even help me in job searches, since it wasn't a traditional college and was only a diploma program.

Northwest Classen High School        HS Diploma-2002                GPA

2801 Northwest 27th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73107                (405) 942-5551

I was promoted from 8th grade to 9th grade at the beginning of the second semester, so I was already behind when I started. I then continued to struggle to graduate, especially as I was given some traditional classes that were considered "electives" (since when is MATH an elective?) and passed the part considered the elective, but failed the actual subject portion. I was also moved from OKC to Tulsa, and discovered that they had a different credit system, so I was behind even more when I returned to OKC. I was originally expected to graduate in 2000, but even if I had passed all of my classes, I would have been behind a year, as I was not told I had to take all my first semester 9th grade classes until I was a Senior. My final year, I actually finished in the middle of the year, because of this. I was able to walk in 2002, but actually attended my final classes in 2003, online.